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tv   FOX 45 News at 10  FOX  August 2, 2009 10:00pm-10:30pm EDT

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captions provided by: real-time closed captioning provided by u.s. captioning company. i was shaking. i was scared to death. >> severe storms rip through parts of this region what it was like when the storm blew through. it's been one week since both teens were shot at a cookout. see how the neighborhood has changed. damaging storms move out of the region. i'll tell you if we have another chance for severe weather later this week in my forecast. mason back in action for the ravens what brought him back to the purple and black. hello. i'm jeff barns. jennifer is off tonight. strong winds and drenching rain hit parts of the region.
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karen parks gives us a close look at the damage there. >>reporter: the cleanup began. after a storm ripped through the area this morning. >> it sounded like a big gust of wind. >>reporter: richard and niki were inside their home at the time. >> i opened up the front door and um, to look outside and i could see our tree bend way over. >>reporter: debris surrounds their home and their siding torn off. >> the roof shingles were blowing all over it. shook the house. >> it was very scary. >> for a grown man, i was shaking. i was scared to death. >>reporter: downed power lines, damaged roofs and broken branches covered the streets. just around the corner joy
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stands outside her home filled with worry. >> i'm worried about my pets. my cat and my dog are in there. >>reporter: she was not able to go inside until workers snapped this 40-foot tree in half that sat inches from her home. two houses down -- >> major structural damage. >>reporter: this contractor said the owners of this home are in their 70s and have moved into a hotel for a while. >> all your roof and shingles are wiped out. it's going to be condemned. >>reporter: clean-up efforts are expected to last a couple of days. in the the meantime, these folks have been without power since this morning and were told not to expect their lights back on until tomorrow afternoon. >> the only determination of a tornado is if someone actually captures that. >> the pets were in the house
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and unhurt. frederick county saw damage. a viewer took this video of downed trees. cuclearly see tree roots ripped out of the grown. whether it's a photo of weather damage, video of a story in your community or an upcoming event, gives your take on send photos from your cell phone p. today's storms come just days after tornados apparently touched down. two tornados blew through the area around 2:00 p.m. on friday. another was in carroll county. it's been a very rough few days weather wise here. chief meteorologist vytas reid joins us with the severe weather. >> very strong storms pushed through earlier today. there were very gusty thunderstorms west of salisbury. there were
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tornado warnings earlier from this activity that is now moving east of ocean city. it is starting to lose strength. showers and thunderstorms in the southern tip. we'll continue to see activity move down over the basin and into the chesapeake bay. looks like back to the northwest we had a line trying to gather strength. that is falling apart as it acrosses over into maryland from pennsylvania. had lightning strikes, but it looks like the strength is lessning as the sun sets and it looses its strength. lightning data showing nothing out there. we did have lightning strikes a few hours ago. you can see the remaining strikes over the border. it looks like things will quiet down as we get into the overnight and things will set up to a relatively decent day. 77 right now in baltimore. 77 in d.c. it looks like overnight tonight we'll see a chance for a little
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pop-up shower. mainly to the south of us. northwest looks like that line is fizzling out. by tomorrow morning, sunshine. 70 degrees. looks like a pretty decent couple of days to start off the work week. how long we'll stay dry i'll have a look in my forecast. iradar is available at use the interactive tools to track coming storms to your street. go to and click on iradar. a double shooting in southwest baltimore turns into a murder investigation tonight. police were called to the 800 block around 1:00 this afternoon. they found a 47-year old man shot in the leg and an 18-year old man shot in the back. >> from what we know, both of the victims were in the the block when an unknown gunman approached on foot, opened fire and fled. we do have information that suggests he did get into a white conversion minivan with a blue stripe on
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the side and tinted windows. >> both victims were taken to area hospitals. the 18-year old was pronounced dead within the hour. police are searching for a suspect. police are investigating the murder of a woman whose body was discovered earlier this morning in a 2500 block in north baltimore. how she die said is unknown tonight. police say she has sevire head trauma. a man shot by police during an attempted burglary is in critical condition tonight. it happened saturday morning on garrison boulevard. the officer apparently heard an alarm coming from a convenience store and found the door pried open. when he went inside the suspect apparently lunged at the cop with a screwdriver. the officer opened fire. the officer tonight is on administrative leave, pending the investigation. one week ago today 12 people were shot at a cookout in east baltimore. while police continue to investigate, they are stepping up patrols in the neighborhood. is it making a difference, however? melinda
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roeder live with more on the story tonight one week ago, hard to believe. >>reporter: it is. this is a neighborhood where shootings and drug deals are not all that uncommon and those that live here say crime has gotten out of hand, but in the last few days they have begun to feel a little better. in east baltimore, the sound of siren is nothing new street-side memorials are a common sight. >> my boyfriend got killed. i feel so bad about that. then my cousin's friend got killed. >>reporter: violence reached a new level last weekend when 12 people, including a toddler, were shot at a cookout. >> it should be a wake-up call for a lot of people. >>reporter: police have stepped up patrols by car, camera and on many corners. officers stand watching for signs of trouble and neighbors have
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noticed. >> they are keeping the violence down. >>reporter: many residents feel a little safer. >> a little bit. a little bit. >>reporter: on this august afternoon, they hear the reassuring sounds of relief from the heat. mohammed drives an ice cream truck up and down the streets he's become to love and fear. >> you got some nice people. you got some bad people. >>reporter: neighbors have come to recognize the sound of his arrival. it brings kids running out from their homes to play in the street. >> it's a lot of kids out today and that's good. >>reporter: today parents feel a little better about them being outside with so many officers nearby. >> i think there needs to be more of them. >>reporter: stopping the shooting may take time, but if you listen and look closely you'll find signs of hope that peace will prevail. tonight we
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have seen several police officers patrolling by foot and from their police cruisers. some neighbors fear the extra patrols are only temporary and when they stop crime will only start back up. live tonight in east baltimore, mel and roetder, fox 45 news at 10:00. a man is dead after falling off a boat in essex. it happened about 5:00 today. the man believed to be in his 20s was reportedly struck by the boat's motor after he fell in. he went into cardiac arrest and was pronounced dead right after that. the search is on for two men who allegedly robbed a 99-year old montgomery county woman on friday. investigators say the alleged victim was in her silver spring apartment when she received a phone call, asking her apparently, to open the door to complete a survey. when she did, the suspects broke in and took cash and other items. >> not good. (unintelligible).
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it's a shame, though. it's not right. >> the victim turns 100 later on this month. police say she was not hurt. all right. ravens' fans got good news this weekend. the team's number 1 receiver reported to training camp. bruce cunningham joins us with that story. >> good news, indeed. july 14th, ravens' receiver shocked the ravens and thousands of fans with his abrupt retirement. this weekend number 85 was back. as abruptly as he announced his retirement, he announced his return yesterday. this morning that familiar number 85 was back on the field in westminster. he said he thought it over, talked with his family ultimately deciding to return and said it is not about the money.
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>> this season is very important to me. it's very important to this team. i'm not going to look past the season. i'm going to enjoy each day i'm out here. i'm going to enjoy each practice. i'm going to enjoy each game we have preseason or regular season. i'm going to enjoy it. i'm going to worry about, you know, next year when next year comes. coming up on "sports unlimited" we will have much more on the mason return. the orioles and red sox stage an offensive explosion. it's all coming up immediately following this newscast. speed cameras near your child's school. baltimore county officials hope to make them a reality in the near future. how much you'll have to pay if you're caught in the flash, next. extending unemployment. how many people could benefit from the government's push for more funding? i mean, it's great we have
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finally accomplished -- mystery finally resolved. the remains of a navy pi
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speed camera may soon be come to baltimore county. the county council will introduce measures on whether to allow them in school zones. a state
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law authorizes counties to use speed cameras and police want to install 15 near school zones. violators would be fined $50. good news for millions of americans set to lose their unemployment benefits in the next few months. barack obama's veezors are working on a plan to extend the benefits. this just as government funding is beginning to run out very quickly. as of june, the national unemployment rate stands at 9.5 percent. >> there's no question they deserve it. they are the true victims of this fiscal disaster and i do hope that republicans will come forward and realize by giving assistance to these people they are allowing them to put food on the table to pay the rent and their mortgages. >> congress extended unemployment benefits before and as a result, out-of-work americans can collect benefits for up to 79 weeks. a red light for the popular cash-for-clunkers initiative.
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the federal program is running out of money. it gives consumers cash intentives to trade in old cars for a new more fuel-efficient vehicle. the house passed the measure to support billion dollars more. it's up to the u.s. senate to consider the measure. 1 military family gets answers after 20 years. the remains of the pilot have been discovered in iraq. he was the first american casualty of "operation desert storm." he went to high school with scott spiker and was involved with a group trying to bring closure to the mystery surrounding the missing airman. sunday she got the news she would not see her old friend alive again. >> it's a bittersweet ending. it's great that we have finally accomplished an ending, but it is birt sweet. >>reporter: he was shot down on the first night of the gulf war on january 17, 1991. his records found in 1993. no sign
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of the pilot. immediately after his aircraft went down, the secretary of defense went on television to announce the u.s. suffered its first casualty, but his status changed from killed to missing in action to missing-captured. sunday the military announced remains found last month in western iraq were that of spiker's. 1 senator said things should have been handled differently in 1991. >> we walked away from a downed pilot. it was done by mistakingly declaring him dead and they didn't go and search for him. >> there were many false leads about spiker's whereabouts over the years. one tip included the alleged finding of his initials scratched into a wall inside an iraqi lockup. i thought my life was literally ending. >> terror and chaos at a country music festival. a very violent storm causes the stage to collapse and trap people.
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hear how one woman made it out alive. that's next. we saw
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good evening, folks. looking at some interesting weather we've seen the last couple of days starting with last week, actually, where we saw strong storms put through parts of central maryland. we had tornado touches. in fact, this imagine showing a very strong wall cloud with potential rotation that a viewer got and sent it to us. we encourage you folks if you have a camera nearby take those
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pictures and e-mail them to us as soon as you can so we can put them on the air for you. this is from last friday. we had a report in frederick county of an e-f1 and e-f0, which caused damage. this wall cloud was moving in to play and it was potentially causing damage out there. we saw activity out there across the area. let's take a look at our radar. it looks like we are going to continue to see showers and thunderstorms where there was severe weather west of salisbury. we had tornado warnings over there. a lot of activity now has lessened in intensity. usually that's fuel to the fire. most of the athtivity pushing over the atlantic right now. over the basin there are showers and thunderstorms down there towards lexington park. all this activity will move south. it looks like we'll see relatively quiet conditions. there was an impulse here, a
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line firing up. that's losing his strength back towardsi-81 into pennsylvania. as it crosses into maryland it looks like that athtivity is losing its luster. you're probably going to get a brief shower and things are going to break up around baltimore county. we'll continue to see breaks in the clouds. around baltimore city, not much activity. a few showers to the northwest at the time. here's what's going on downtown. clear conscience, as far as precipitation. a few high, thin clouds. 74 degrees. winds out of the west at 3. humidity levels 91 percent. very humid conditions. we will see a front push through that is making its way through overnight tonight and is going to lessen the humidity levels a tad bit. it's not a very strong cold front, that will drop our temperatures much. we're going to see our temperatures close to 90
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degrees. 76 in richmond. we could see how things are clearing up back to the west. high pressure is building in behind the system. there's a line of storms pushing through the area. this cold front continues to march in from the west. that's going to cool things off a bit. you can see that we have things clearing up as we get into monday. pretty good day with plenty of sunshine. into tuesday maybe a stray pop-up shower. wooeflt see more sunshine as we get into tuesday afternoon. eastern shore looking at sun and clouds. high of 89 tomorrow. around the central portion of the state we will see partly-cloudy skies with a high of 89. a warm day as the system moves in. high pressure will bring in warmer temperatures from the southwest, but dry out things the the next couple of days. we'll see our next front approach as we get into wednesday. plenty of sunshine tomorrow. maybe a brief shower in the area. the 7-day
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forecast showing 90 on tuesday. 90 on wednesday with a chance for thunderstorms firing up in the afternoon as the front pushes us through dropping us down temperature wise. 84. saturday and sunday look nice with sunshine. temperatures in the mid-80s. what was supposed to be a day of fun in canada ends in tragedy. a violent storm ripped through alberta yesterday. 1 concert stage was blown down, killing one person and injuring 75 nearby people. the musician was performing at the time. one person in the band was seriously injured. kevin costner was also on stage waiting to perform with his band. he and his manager were trapped for some time, but got out okay. i thought my life was literally ending. it completely turned to black. it was probably, i don't know,
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(unintelligible). >> in all, 21 people were hospitalized. it's wonderful. >> how these
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sfshgs 1 park is getting quite
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the makeover from unlikely groundskeepers. >>reporter: you are in pasadena, maryland. there was a skirmish right here and we reinact it every year. >> look how cute they are. that is so amazing they are going to clean this up. >> it's a whole lot better for the environment. >> they went through the first quarter ache her in about one day. >> we're so happy for the goats. it is a forested area. >> the vegetation has been taking over. this is an opportunity to clear it out in a very green alternative manner. >> it has a beautiful view of the creek. >> they're eating poison ivy. they're eating oriental
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bittersweet. >> (unintelligible). >> historical goats, okay? it's wonderful. >> the reenactment will take place the week of august 22nd. after announcing his retirement a couple of weeks back, he returned to the ravens


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